The sprocket wheel must be replaced if it is worn

2019-08-19 11:12
  The inspection of the motorcycle sprocket is indispensable. At the same time of replacing the chain, pay attention to the maintenance of the sprocket. If the sprocket wears out, it must be replaced in time, but if it is worn, the sprocket should be replaced. Many people always change the chain. In fact, after the sprocket is worn too much, it will damage the chain and cause motorcycle problems.
  When the sprocket wears out, it must be replaced.
  In fact, while checking the damage degree of the chain, we can also check the tooth shape of the front and rear large and small sprocket, because the shape of the tooth shape determines whether to replace it. Generally, the tooth shape of the normal new sprocket is round and solid, after being excessively worn. The sprocket teeth are shaped like a machete, and each gear wears in the same direction. The entire tooth shape is like a paper windmill that plays for an hour. The pointed teeth are constantly worn in the meshing with the chain, and eventually become smaller and smaller, eventually failing to guide the chain, thereby dropping the chain and causing certain damage to the chain.
  If the motorcycle has been disassembled, there is no spare part for the sprocket that needs to be replaced. If you can't buy a new sprocket at once, then there is a coup, which is a good way to save money. Of course, it is also a helpless way, that is, flip the motorcycle sprocket and keep it on the same level as the chain. It does not affect the other parts of the motorcycle, but it can extend the life of the worn old sprocket by about one time. Is it a good way to have no spare parts? For the sprocket twisting treatment.
  The two sprocket wheels should be kept in the same horizontal plane at any time, because the occlusion between the motorcycle chain and the sprocket is the most reasonable. If it is not in the same horizontal plane, this must be adjusted. Generally, the zipper is usually made. The adjustment screw portion of the device is exposed to the same length, that is, the rear wheel is parallel to the frame direction.


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