What should you watch out for when changing a chain sprocket for a motorcycle?

2019-08-19 11:09
  The chain of the motorcycle, the sprocket is the main transmission device of the motorcycle at the present stage. During the normal riding process, it will appear as the chain is elongated, the gear is sharpened, etc. When the chain and the sprocket are worn, it needs to be replaced in time. Otherwise, there will be drag chains, slips, and abnormal sounds.
  The motorcycle chain and sprocket replacement are also very particular. First, the chain and the sprocket must be replaced at the same time, because they are in the same working state, only the gap between them can be replaced to ensure normal, otherwise the single replacement will shorten the service life. .
  Secondly, their anti-wear and tensile strength must be consistent, otherwise it will accelerate wear, and the best way to ensure the two consistent is to replace the chain, the manufacturing process and anti-wear performance of the chain will be better than Install the chain and sprocket.
  In addition, the installation and adjustment of the entire replacement process must be reasonable. If the installation and adjustment do not meet the requirements, no matter how long the chain is used, it is necessary to maintain the chain and sprocket regularly.
  Chain, sprocket in the whole installation process is worth noting that the size of the sprocket should be as close as possible to the original car size, but if there are performance requirements, you can also adjust the size of the sprocket, usually before the small and large The climbing ability will be stronger, and the front and rear small speeds will be higher, so the vehicle performance can be adjusted through this feature.
  The above is the motorcycle chain, some problems that may be encountered during the sprocket replacement process. If you simply summarize it, it is best to replace the whole set, and try to choose the set chain. Secondly, the sprocket size can be appropriately adapted according to the riding demand. Adjustment.


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