Motorcycle ligaments How much do you know about the chain?

2019-08-19 11:08
  A good quality chain is no less important for vehicles than qualified tires or even engines. As the key to linking the driving system and the power system, the chain is often ignored by many users. Let's talk to everyone about the chain today.
  The role of the chain
  In the current common models on the market, the transmission form basically consists of four types: chain drive, belt drive, steel chain drive (CVT) and shaft drive. Among them, the transmission mode in the form of a chain is one of the most popular, the most convenient to maintain, and the most affordable.
  The role of the chain is to connect the gearbox sprocket (sprocket, sprocket) and rear sprocket to achieve power transmission and conversion, so as to drive the vehicle forward. If the engine is the heart of the vehicle and the tires are the feet of the vehicle, then the chain is the muscles and ligaments that are bridged in the middle.
  Chain structure
  At present, the chains sold on motorcycles in the market are mainly precision roller chains, while the general roller chains usually consist of inner/outer chain pieces, link pins and rollers, and the oil seal chain has one oil packaged in two chains. In the middle of the film.
  The roller mounted outside the pin is equivalent to a small bearing that can be rotated to counteract the friction when it comes into contact with the crankset. In addition to fixing the roller, the pin acts as a fixed axis between the chain links to realize the connection between the multi-section chains.
  Type of chain
  The chain commonly used by ordinary Moyou basically has two kinds of oil seal chain and non-oil seal chain, and the difference between them depends on whether the special lubricant is sealed between the roller and the pin, between the inner chain and the outer chain.
  The oil seal chain seals the lubricating oil between the friction parts through an O-ring or X-type oil seal ring in the middle of the inner and outer links to reduce frictional resistance and loss, and to prevent dust and debris from entering. Accelerate friction consumption.
  The traditional oil seal is a ring shape, which is an O-ring seal. However, this gasket will age and deform after prolonged extrusion, so it is full of X-shaped, U-shaped, W-shaped and other shapes. Oil seals to reduce the effects of long-term deformation.


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