Vibration caused by wear of motorcycle sprocket

2019-08-19 11:07
  Motorcycle sprocket will cause various damages to the motorcycle sprocket due to manufacturing errors, poor assembly or under improper operating conditions (load, lubrication, etc.). Common forms of damage are: wear, surface fatigue, Plastic deformation, fracture, cavitation, electric erosion, etc., here mainly describes the vibration caused by gear wear.
  When all the teeth of the motorcycle sprocket wear evenly to increase the backlash, or cause damage such as contact, crack, pitting, peeling, etc. at one end, the amplitude of the impact vibration caused by the meshing is compared with other vibration components. Very large, and the amplitude of the impact vibration has almost the same vibration level.
  In this case, the shock vibration frequency is a high frequency above 1 kHz. At the same time, the frequency component of the low frequency meshing in the positive chopping wave also increases. With the development of wear, the elastic stiffness of the gear teeth exhibits a flying linear characteristic. The corresponding vibration waveform also changes.


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