The motorcycle used for a period of time, the speed is getting slower and slower, what is the situation?

2019-08-19 11:04
  Motorcycles do have wear and tear. Domestic motorcycles can't be more than 13 years old. Normally, they are 100,000 kilometers in 10 years, so many manufacturers can't design them to make motorcycles ride for a lifetime. The speed of motorcycles is coming. The slower, the car is going out of trouble, the wear and tear is very bad, and many times people are old, need to be repaired, please pay attention: Rongji igniter
  Peripheral mechanical coordination problem
  It is common for large chains or loose belts. These transmissions, which have been used for a long time, may become due to stretching, which will directly cause a slippage problem between the engine and the wheels, so that the engine is turned, but the wheel speed Do not go, need to adjust or replace the chain belt. Under normal conditions, the motorcycle chain should be adjusted about 5,000 kilometers.
  Like a scooter, it is usually a belt drive. When the belt is used for a long time, it will wear and deform or be elongated. The belt pulley is also worn to cause a problem of pinching the belt, the friction is increased, or the diameter of the Puli inside the belt plate is reduced due to wear, lightening, and the belt diameter cannot be controlled, which may make the car unable to run.
  There is a problem with the brake system. For example, the brake nut position is not well controlled, the spring on the brake block becomes soft, and the brake system is always working during the ride.
  After the tire has been used for a long time, the pattern on the surface of the tire will be ground or even flattened. At this time, the tire needs to be replaced. Because the adhesion is not enough, it is not only a problem of not running fast, but also may not be able to stop at the critical braking time, bringing safety problems to the human body. .
  Control system problem
  In terms of control system, it is divided into three parts: oil circuit, gas path and circuit. The oil circuit is responsible for supplying oil to the engine. The traditional carburetor truck is powered by the carburetor. If the carburetor is clogged or the oil needle is worn, the mixing ratio will be too thick or too thin, and the motorcycle engine will not be sufficient. Burning, power is falling, and the car is not running fast.
  Now it is an EFI motorcycle. If the nozzle leaks or is clogged, the oil pump is broken, some sensors are faulty, and the mixing ratio is out of control, causing the engine to work unsatisfactory and the speed of the car is not going up. Whether it is an EFI or a carburetor, if the tubing is clogged or the vent hole of the tank is sealed, it will cause the oil to not flow smoothly, which will affect the air-fuel ratio and cause similar problems.
  The gas path is divided into intake and exhaust, and the air inlet has an air filter. These are like masks worn by people. They will be dirty after a period of use and need to be replaced in time, otherwise the intake air will be insufficient. Inside the exhaust pipe, after a long time of use, there may be carbon deposits or blockage of impurities. One is like the nose, and the other is like an anus. As long as it is not smooth, it will seriously affect the engine power and cause a rapid drop.
  In some cases, it may be caused by the engine leakage caused by the connecting parts, such as the connection of the carburetor and the engine, the sealing ring is aging, and there are similar connecting parts between the EFI motorcycle throttle body and the engine. The lack of air tightness caused the engine to work abnormally and could not run at speed.
  As for the circuit, the ignition circuit works in high temperature and high frequency, the spark plug is easy to ablate, and it needs to be replaced in time for a period of time. The spark plug gap will also affect the speed. The high voltage package and the igniter and the ECU, although the probability of failure is not high, but the use time is long, the inside of the capacitor will also age, resulting in ignition or oil supply is not ideal.
  For EFI motorcycles, the oxygen sensor may also be broken, or the temperature sensor on the throttle valve is not normal. It is common for some plugs to be powdered or wet, and oxidation causes contact failure, which will cause the engine of the car to work abnormally. The final manifestation is that the speed is not running fast.
  Internal engine problem
  Clutch wear and slip are common. Because the spring is softened between the pressure plate and the clutch plate, or the clutch plate is worn, the contact gap is too large, causing sliding, and the clutch or spring needs to be replaced.
  The clutch cable is not adjusted, or it is stuck. It does not rule out that the clutch plate is pressed too tightly and slips. Please find a professional master to help you adjust it.
  The valve and rocker arm may be worn, causing the valve clearance to change unreasonably and need to be replaced in time. The piston and cylinder wall inside the sleeve are used for a long time, and the same wear will be caused, causing insufficient cylinder pressure and burning oil. The camshaft is worn out, or it is not properly installed when it is replaced, which seriously affects the intake phase. These will cause the engine efficiency to drop, and the direct idle speed is unstable, and the high speed cannot be pulled.
  One detail is that if the engine is added more oil, it will exceed the highest standard, which will cause the internal resistance to be too large, the loss will be too large, and the speed of the car will also drop.


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